BET Founder Fires Demand At Congress – He Wants Slavery Reparations Totaling Up To $14 Trillion

Protests and riots continue this week, with Democrat leaders unwilling to end the violence.

Many are wondering, what’s the answer to bring this chaos to an end? President Trump has made it clear he will do what it takes to restore order.

But the found of BET thinks he has another solution. He wants to end poverty among black Americans. But guess who’s going to pay for it?

From Daily Wire:

The founder of Black Entertainment Television says the federal government should pay out $14 trillion to black Americans as reparations for slavery…

Johnson said reparations would be the “affirmative action program of all time,” delivering a message to white Americans that “damages … are owed” for slavery and the decades of racism that followed.

The wealthy found of BET is demanding the federal government payout $14 trillion to black Americans.

He claims this would be “reparations for slavery.” Johnson says the only solution to slavery and racism is for the government to pay off those who are now rioting.

Our Take:

Sure, Johnson, I’m all for reparations… if you’re willing to pay the bill!

Tell me how burdening ALL Americans with a $14 trillion bill is going to end police brutality in largely blue cities and states?

We all know the once peaceful protests have been co-opted by radical anarchists to destroy our country. They no longer have anything to do with seeking justice for George Floyd.

Tell me how damaging local, minority-owned businesses will end years of racial disharmony?

Throwing tax dollars at this problem is ludicrous. The federal government already spends billions in the form of welfare, food stamps, and other benefits for low-income Americans.

Yet so many black Americans still suffer from poverty, crime, and violence. Does anyone seriously think spending more money is going to solve the problem?

Politics won’t solve this problem. Government won’t solve this problem. And money certainly won’t solve this problem.

This problem will go away when individuals take responsibility for their own actions and lives. For far too long we’ve looked to the government to “fix” the problems in our culture.

Look how well that’s worked.

Until everyone is willing to do their part to respect and support their neighbors, we’ll see the same movie played over and over again. Until we free ourselves from government dependence, we’ll never grow.

Johnson appears to be demanding the exact opposite of what will help the country.

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Source: Patriot Journal

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