Biden Caught In Damaging Gaffe On Hot Mic – Tells Men To Marry Into Families “With 3 Or 4 Sisters”

Oh, boy, Joe Biden. You know, we’ve gotten used to him saying the most ridiculous things.

Some people gave him the benefit of the doubt. Not everyone can be perfect on camera.

And sure, maybe he’s just an affectionate guy who is often misunderstood. Not anymore.

He just got caught on a hot mic saying something that will even have Democrats jaws dropping.

That is, if the media even bothers to cover it.

From Twitter:

Joe biden “I tell all the guys that ask me about getting married is that you always marry into a family with 3 or 4 sisters. I married 1 with 5, know Y? That way one will always love you..not the same one” lol is this the biden recipe? Didn’t hunter marry his dead brothers wife?

Uh… wow. Joe Biden was talking to a man about getting married. He said you should always marry into a family with three or four sisters.

That way “one will always love you.”

What? Is he saying that he cheats on his wife… with one of her sisters??

Imagine if Donald Trump had said this on the campaign trail? The media would be broadcasting this audio morning til night.

They would have experts analyzing it, proclaiming that Trump was the biggest creep on the planet.

But when Joe says it—to a voter? Nothing!

The media won’t touch this with a ten-foot pole. They will sweep it under the rug, like they’ve done again and again for the Democrats.

Sure, some might say he was just joking. But is that really the kind of thing you want a president saying?

America’s had its fill of creepy, womanizing presidents. Bill Clinton was the last one, okay?

We don’t want a man in the White House saying this kind of stuff. Joke or no, it’s not right.

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H/T: GOP Daily Brief

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